Why Buyers Choose Us

Buying real estate on an island like Maui, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, requires a long term perspective and up to the minute market knowledge; make certain your Realtor is a top Maui expert.

Purchasing a first or second home, a vacation condominium or rental investment property or a vacant piece of land, is undoubtedly one of the largest single purchases you will ever make, and it involves a lot more than simply choosing a property that you like.

As your Maui professional Realtor here, we will work on your behalf from the onset, from identifying and viewing properties and choosing a local lender through reviewing your contracts, property and termite inspection reports, seller’s disclosures, leasehold or oceanfront addendums, and doing a final walk thru to be certain the property is in the same condition as when we put it under contract.

Choosing the right property means having access to all the listings of every classification of available property on Maui, and even to some properties that our colleagues have yet to enter into our MLS database, but which have been presented to us at our weekly Maui Realtor’s Caravan.

Maui’s geography and topography create a variety of climate zones, terrains, temperature ranges, landscaping opportunities, and residential demographic areas.  Our expert local knowledge of the island will help to educate you and steer you towards accomplishing your goals, finding properties and areas that fit your needs, avoiding costly mistakes, and identifying opportunities.

Understanding the current and historical values in a given marketplace is critical to making investment decisions and we will do our best to provide you with market statistics and guide you to get the best value for your money and in the future.

Knowing everything about the Condominium Complex you are buying in to or about a residential subdivision is critical, and we will view every property you are considering with you; we will evaluate and compare each property, and we will advise you as to all of the inspections that are available to you and inherently important in accomplishing your goals.

Understanding contractual real estate terms, the Hawaii Association of Realtor's 'Purchase Contract' and associated  Addenda  can be difficult, time consuming, and critical to your future satisfaction.  We will offer you our knowledge and experience regarding each choice and consideration you will contractually decide upon during this negotiation and thru contract settlement.

Allow us to be your professional  Maui Real Estate Advisors through this process and represent your best interests. Together we will create our mutual success, and enjoy the process.

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We are committed to your 100% Satisfaction, 100% Guaranteed. Thus we are comfortable offering you Our Guarantee that if for any reason you ever feel less than satisfied we will remain open to hearing about your needs, concerns, and suggestions and should you desire to choose different representation we will release you gracefully from our services.