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Growing up in Miami Beach, Florida in the early 50’s and 60’s I imprinted early on the importance of nature and the ease of being that living in a tropical environment supported. Perhaps it was the open hallways in the  Mediterranean architectural style of South Beach Elementary School. Robbie and FamilyDwelling in a climate where fresh air flows inside and out, where I was not bound by the weight of layers of clothing, closed toed shoes and where, when time permitted, I had a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from and a ninety nine percent chance of having excellent weather to engage in them, left me with a deep feeling of satisfaction about my early years.

Somehow, as I was plunging my head in the Tropicana orange juice cooler at our local supermarket, Foodfair, to get a sense of what it must be like to live in a winter climate, I decided to attend Purdue University, in Indiana. I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, with an invitation into the Phi Beta Kappa honors society and somehow became a potter in my spare extra curricular time. Upon graduation, I settled in a modest-size college town , Ithaca, New York, where Cornell University and Ithaca College are located , hung out a shingle, and started a pottery shop called People’s Pottery. I sold only what I made with my own hands for the first three years and then began buying and offering the works of hundreds of professional crafts people from all over the United States. Between 1972 and 1996 that little shop, in which I had lived in the back, and had housed a pottery studio and sales gallery, became the seed for what became known as one of America’s finest ‘Handmade in America’ 51 store retail specialty companies. I sold the company in 1996 and moved my wife, Nancy, and two sons, Quincy and Forrest, to Maui which we had visited for two weeks on our first visit, four weeks the following year, 6 weeks the next, ten weeks the next year and finally sixteen weeks in the final year before we admitted that “We deserved to live in Maui as much as anyone else.”

During those 24 years of growing my American Crafts company, I diversified financially and purchased numerous personal residences, second homes, and, also, commercial buildings to house my retail enterprises. I also built numerous spec homes incorporating my aesthetic and business sensibility. Real estate offered me that perfect blend of financial planning and wealth building, and an aesthetic opportunity to be creative. Maui is the right place for me on this planet. I feel blessed that I made the choice to re-locate to a place I truly feel energized by. Whether I am driving to a cultural event, showing my clients an oceanfront condominium, or simply going to the grocery store, I never fail to find myself “seeing something that I experience as beautiful.”

It is that ‘feeling’ that energizes and enriches my daily life and that I love to share with my clients. It takes courage to leave the mainland, leave family and friends of many years, and re-locate 2500 miles out in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Perhaps that is why Hawaii has only just over a million inhabitants statewide, but I can say from experience that this environment of mountains, oceans, and the nature that abounds is truly ‘paradise’, and I love facilitating and working on my clients’ behalf to make it a part of their daily reality too. There is a deep feeling of satisfaction and grace that I sense among Hawaii’s inhabitants. We each have the power to create the life we want to live, where we want to live it, and we can contribute our skills sets and energy to those around us and we will be rewarded. I invite you to choose me as your Pro-Active Trusted Maui Advisor, Your Realtor, and I will educate, advocate, and negotiate on your behalf and find the ‘right place' on Maui for You!

With Aloha,

Robert H. "Robbie" Dein, Realtor-Broker, CRS, ABR, RSPS

"Your Proactive Trusted Maui Advisor"

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